Specialized workshop

Specialized workshop

We have the largest repair shop in Madrid with three master gunsmiths / craftsmen exclusively dedicated to providing high-quality repairs and transformations, also managing to provide the fastest service of all.

The largest repair and assembly workshop in Madrid.

They are capable of carrying out the finest work both in the manufacture and restoration of cylinder heads, as well as handling the file in steel for the manufacture of parts that do not exist, or assembling a nail mount.

If a piece does not exist, we manufacture it. See what expert hands can do with a simple iron or wooden block. We manufacture it. See what expert hands can do with a simple iron or wooden block.


Sand the entire cylinder head, remove nicks and scratches and finish with dark oil, allowing the veins to be seen.

Including first quality butt plate, Holland brand or another English or German brand; Lightening it to the maximum, with ebony finishes on the toecap and pistol grip, highlighting the cheek piece, fine English chopping, oil finish.

Whole weapon blued, with matte, glossy, modern or old black. It consists of generating a superficial layer of magnetite, ferrous-diferric oxide, around the steel parts to improve their appearance and prevent their corrosion.

We have the largest variety of corners to decorate and optimize the performance of your weapon, and always with the commitment of the best price.

Tuning of triggers polishing mechanisms and removing routes.

Rear sight and sight made with a file, Holland type, open and very fine.

  • Replacement needles, custom made and tested.
  • Hand adjusted and polished parallel ejector.

The secrets for a perfect assembly of any frame are the following:

  • That the frame enters smoothly and absolutely without any play
  • That the contact surfaces of the bases are perfectly adjusted against the contact surfaces of the rifle, finishing them or adjusting them with a file if necessary. Whatever frame it is.
  • That the screws and contact surfaces are perfectly sealed with 1st quality screw fixers or soldered with tin in the case of nail mounts.
  • That it be as low as possible when facing, always choosing the minimum possible height that the muzzle of the scope allows us without hitting the barrel or the bolt.

This is how we assemble the frames at ARGALI, and we assure you that any frame is good and reliable if it is well mounted, as long as we do not intend to convert a fixed frame into a removable one.

We are going to be very honest in the description of the following mounts, the pure truth, no other theory is created.

This type of mount allows us to remove the viewfinder whenever we want, for transport or to shoot with a rear sight and front sight in adverse conditions to shoot with the lens.

NAILS. Shuler or Akah. It is disassembled by tilting the visor from bottom to top. This mount is the most handmade and the most appropriate for fine weapons such as express and other high-end rifles, since the parts are adjusted and engraved by hand, obtaining the most elegant mount on the market.
APPELL. It is the best known swivel mount in the world. Dismount by turning the visor to the right. It is practically indestructible. It always returns to zero.
AKAH or SUPERFEK Rotating. Exactly the same duration and results as Appel, since its front anchorage is exactly the same and it is the one that supports 100% of the visor's weight. The rear anchor (closest to the eye) of Appell and the other swivels only prevents the visor from moving laterally.
APPELL replica. This mount comes poorly finished from the factory, but it fits quite well in the hands of a good gunsmith, being very reliable although not as durable as the previous ones. Although it is a lot of work and is not recommended.
QUICK RELEASE. It is disassembled by turning two knobs and pulling the visor up. It is the one that allows the lowest mounting and therefore the best face on the market. It is very practical and compact.
WARNE. This mount is actually a fixed one to which some moths have been added to be able to disassemble it. It is mounted very low and 90% effectiveness is achieved compared to 100% of the previous ones.
Some brands of rifles manufacture their own detachable mount exclusively for their rifles, such as BLASER, MERKEL, HECKLER & KOCH etc...... VERY RELIABLE.
Not all rifle mounts are made for all rifles, so some depend on stock availability.

Calling them fixed doesn't mean the visor can't be quickly removed with a screwdriver or other improvised utensil. It is very easy to remove the visor in an extreme case such as having a very closed mountain, heavy rain or misalignment of the shooting range.

While it is true that when putting the scope back on, the rifle's range has generally changed somewhat, but not more than 3 or 4 cm at 100 meters. And in some high-fit, high-quality ones it goes back to zero.

The advantages of fixed mounts, apart from being much cheaper, is that they allow a very low mounting of the scope that can even be 1 mm from the barrel, thus giving us the best faces in rifles.

Well assembled, as we explained before, they are 100% reliable. there is no one to move them.

WEAVER. One of the best known in the world. Ultralight due to its aluminum construction. More than enough reliability.
TASCO and APPELL. Steel rings that tightly hug the rifle and the scope. Virtually unbreakable. very simple.
MILLET and LEUPOLD. They are exactly the same in everything. Very reliable. They add to the previous ones the drift correction (possibility of moving the viewfinder to the sides if necessary to get the shot)
Many brands of rifles manufacture fixed mounts exclusively for their rifles, such as SAKO, RUGER, THOMPSON, BRNO, BLASER, etc...

All weapons that leave the workshop, whether for assembly or repair, are tested at the shooting range before being delivered.